One man's Mission to simply get through a shoot week...

This is the story of a team of dedicated artists and professionals working together to create something great.

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Not a good look

Every super hero needs a sidekick, and our Uberman is no exception. Riz arrived on day 4 to play Carl (or "Ubercarl) and stepped seamlessly into the cast. This character is the unwilling best friend of our hero, and usually ends up catching the painful end of his office antics. The 'T' shirt is a present from the intergalactic lummox. Fetching....

Again - a great day spent laughing for a living. I should mention our esteemed client, who have been wonderfully supportive, quick to react and a genuine part of the creative process. A very special thank you goes out to Katherine, Pam, Alex, Rob and all of the others who have allowed us to disrupt their day. You are stars now and should start developing a rider list for each and every day at the office (you know, blue M&M's, champagne, M&S prawn sandwiches...). I'm sure your managers will understand - if not - refer them to your agent, of course!

Big day tomorrow with illusions and magic on our effects day.

So close now...can't wait to see all of this great stuff back at the editing suite.

Somewhere that's green...

Day three and still no signs of slowing on the rip roaring comedy juggernaut that is our shoot for...oh wait...I can't say (nearly forgot...;-).

A fun time was had in Basingstoke town centre with two aliens, one of whom you've met, but the other (Princess Quasar) a fitting date for our super hero. Definitely love at first sight - and how could she resist with Uberman turning on the charm in the form of a ukelele ballad.

Rain nearly stopped play - but the team pulled together and we got the shots. Everything is looking amazing, and thanks to Charlotte for fielding completely unexpected improv missiles with aplomb (and huge laughs). Ever danced telepathically...? It's bloody funny to watch.

So - just over half way through and there's enough blooper material to make a feature length movie. This will be one of our greatest projects. I can feel it in me water.

TTFN - more tomorrow.

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Day 2: Poor Peter

Ah - an actors life. Sleeping in til noon, reading the Stage over a cappuccino at a Soho cafe, then perhaps spend the afternoon prepping for an audition. Followed by an evening with poets and artisans putting the world to rights over a bottle of Absinthe.

OR - being tied to a chair for an hour in a server room in Basingstoke. Probably not what Peter signed up for when he agreed to help us with our films. But his commitment to the cause definitely raised the comedy bar on our jolly little production.

Actually - it was another example of how utterly blessed we've been this week, with talent and helpfulness all round. It's quite hard to act when you can't see or speak 0r speak - but his reaction to the somewhat intimidating talents of our leads was pitch perfect.

Even when I tried to show our blindfolded actor what to do before realising he couldn't actually see me...(OK - so it'd felt a long week even on day 2 - give me a break). Definitely a senior moment.

Ah well - onwards and upwards. Anyone got any scissors?

Monday, 12 July 2010

Big Important Shoot Day 1

OK - off to a great start. Always a really good sign when the DoP needed to retake due to laughing causing camera shake. And this guy's seen it all, believe me.

It is really helping that we cast brilliant and talented actors, and happen to have 5 of of our best scripts for as long as I can remember. Sometimes all of the ingredients just seem to come together and this project is on of those. I can't mention the client name, but suffice to say they are a client you'd kill for, so we are thrilled at the prospect of delivering such a 'knock-it-out-of-the-park' campaign.

Fantastic timing and performances, plus lots of absolutely golden improv thanks to our actors Matt Tompkins, from sunny Dallas, and Rhona Croker from London. Crew as ever are on form, like a family gathering once again, Steve T as DoP and Paul Hellard on Sound. The lovely Gillian keeping us in shape and Macaiah ruling the scripts with a rod of iron. There are times when I really cannot believe I make my living doing this - but this is one of them. We'll keep you posted faster than a speeding bullet...or something.