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Monday, 30 May 2011

And so you're back...from outer space...

Hello Stranger.

No – really – you honestly seem a lot more strange than the last time we met.

Still – better get on.

As usual, I can’t say who we’re working for, or reveal the identity of the people in this little report. Suffice to say it’s a shiny new customer, and a very impressive brand with which we are very proud and excited to be working.

So – again, like buses, here we are with a flurry of blog posts to catch y’all up with my adventures on shoots.

Just another Madrid Monday…

Driving around Spain’s engine room, I got the feeling that for once I was seeing the real identity of a country often painted with brash colours and the tacky invasions of other cultures. Here was a very grown up city with a lot to engage us.

Our subject was incredibly relaxed considering she was about to be stalked relentlessly by a two man film crew over the next 36 hours, and her hospitality and good humour were to be the making of the footage we captured.

In stark contrast to the vast majority of our work, this series of short films will be delicate, intimate and powerful. The interview looked gorgeous (our DoP John Morrison has made a standard boardroom look like the set of Gattaca for us, with it’s uber cool lighting and edgy framing). Our lovely executive responded with a sincere, revealing and confident story – just the kind we love to work with.

And thanks for allowing us to see you start your day with your beautiful little boy, the epitome of boundless energy and creativity, ringing powerfully with the films core values. Change management doesn’t get any more intimate than this.

So – that’s how this fantastic three continent tour started, in true Eurostyle.

Thank you M – you were brilliant.