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Friday, 10 December 2010

Toilet Humour

What does a Urinal, a kiss and a slap have in common. Answer: They are all in our series of comedy awareness programmes we’re making for US Phone Protection company Asurion. Bloody lovely people to work for. A refreshing change given recent antics.

Like a ball bearing in a pinball machine I bounced across the flashing lights and “chinging” electromagnets of my working life to land (just for a few days) in a slot called Dallas (surprise surprise) where we had set up three consecutive night shoots (like the jetlag wasn’t enough).

Considering the limited pre-pro time we had (thank you for laying the train tracks, Micaiah - deeply impressed) the level of talent we managed to bring to bear on this cool buddy web-series was incredible. Our leads Cody Hinson and Daniel Escudero owned this thing completely, and there were stellar performances (especially from Stalker Ben Mayer and “Kissing Girl” Melissa Odum).

Weird thing this trip were the night shoots. It meant I never got to overlap with my Dallas "family". Strangely lonely as a result. During the day in pore-production and con calls and then an afternoon nap after which the call time rang out at around 6.30pm. The saddest part of an otherwise hilarious trip was my cameraman John and myself trying to get a “wrap” drink in at 2am on Wednesday night in Dallas.

Not a chance. This town is way too "Christian" sometimes I think…

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