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Sunday, 5 December 2010

Dude - where’s my HDSLR?

Yep - still playing catch-up. But I think I deserve a break - this quarter has been the busiest for five years - easily. So

- where were we…

Last week we (as we love to do) crashed two worlds together to make a point for one of our long standing clients. Business and…surf culture? Yes. Funny and incomprehensible at the same time, I was impressed by our mostly American cast and (again) the gorgeous pictures we were getting from the two Canon 60D’s covering the shoot. Yes - it was a complete geekfest with my good friend and ace DoP Steve Trinder. And some nice slo-mo sequences too.

I should also mention also the bloody blinding job turned around in a couple of days by our local Leicester composer Steve Baker. The moment I watched what he’d laid next to the rough edit (rapidly and expertly woven by rock solid editor Richard Leverton) I got one of those lovely magical moments in my job where the hairs on the back of my neck stand up and I remember what I’m doing here.

Client seems V. happy (all good news for the future) and reputation in tact we stagger into the next international epic for a shiny new customer based in Nashville, Tennesee. More about that next time…

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