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Monday, 12 July 2010

Big Important Shoot Day 1

OK - off to a great start. Always a really good sign when the DoP needed to retake due to laughing causing camera shake. And this guy's seen it all, believe me.

It is really helping that we cast brilliant and talented actors, and happen to have 5 of of our best scripts for as long as I can remember. Sometimes all of the ingredients just seem to come together and this project is on of those. I can't mention the client name, but suffice to say they are a client you'd kill for, so we are thrilled at the prospect of delivering such a 'knock-it-out-of-the-park' campaign.

Fantastic timing and performances, plus lots of absolutely golden improv thanks to our actors Matt Tompkins, from sunny Dallas, and Rhona Croker from London. Crew as ever are on form, like a family gathering once again, Steve T as DoP and Paul Hellard on Sound. The lovely Gillian keeping us in shape and Macaiah ruling the scripts with a rod of iron. There are times when I really cannot believe I make my living doing this - but this is one of them. We'll keep you posted faster than a speeding bullet...or something.

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