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Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Day 2: Poor Peter

Ah - an actors life. Sleeping in til noon, reading the Stage over a cappuccino at a Soho cafe, then perhaps spend the afternoon prepping for an audition. Followed by an evening with poets and artisans putting the world to rights over a bottle of Absinthe.

OR - being tied to a chair for an hour in a server room in Basingstoke. Probably not what Peter signed up for when he agreed to help us with our films. But his commitment to the cause definitely raised the comedy bar on our jolly little production.

Actually - it was another example of how utterly blessed we've been this week, with talent and helpfulness all round. It's quite hard to act when you can't see or speak 0r speak - but his reaction to the somewhat intimidating talents of our leads was pitch perfect.

Even when I tried to show our blindfolded actor what to do before realising he couldn't actually see me...(OK - so it'd felt a long week even on day 2 - give me a break). Definitely a senior moment.

Ah well - onwards and upwards. Anyone got any scissors?

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