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Thursday, 15 July 2010

Not a good look

Every super hero needs a sidekick, and our Uberman is no exception. Riz arrived on day 4 to play Carl (or "Ubercarl) and stepped seamlessly into the cast. This character is the unwilling best friend of our hero, and usually ends up catching the painful end of his office antics. The 'T' shirt is a present from the intergalactic lummox. Fetching....

Again - a great day spent laughing for a living. I should mention our esteemed client, who have been wonderfully supportive, quick to react and a genuine part of the creative process. A very special thank you goes out to Katherine, Pam, Alex, Rob and all of the others who have allowed us to disrupt their day. You are stars now and should start developing a rider list for each and every day at the office (you know, blue M&M's, champagne, M&S prawn sandwiches...). I'm sure your managers will understand - if not - refer them to your agent, of course!

Big day tomorrow with illusions and magic on our effects day.

So close now...can't wait to see all of this great stuff back at the editing suite.

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