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Monday, 15 November 2010

Funny Men

So - in time honoured fashion, we are not allowed to tell you who our client is because it's a security issue. And the films, again, are on the subject of information security so it's not possible to explain who this is there.

Suffice to say, here we are again with bloody funny talent, and this time in my second home, Dallas Texas. Only on this occasion I have brought with me our delightful new Asst. Producer Micaiah, and my buddy DP Steve Trinder, cameraman supremo. So now we have the best team ever. And the funniest scripts since Uberman. And a client to die for. Nuff said.

I'll try to keep the photos and blogs coming this week but it's a massive week for T&S. For now there's a piccy of our rehearsal / last minute spicing up session. These are our leading duo, Steve Walters and Joey Oglesby from L.A. Very funny and great fun. See you in a few...

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